Vision / Mission / Values


At TNS Group, our talented team of experienced professionals works ceaselessly to deliver client-specific solutions at an affordable cost.

Our Mission is to give our customers the “TOTAL LOGISTICS SOLUTION WITHOUT LIMITS”. We realize that clients have specific requirements with regards to their shipments. We therefore spend considerable time to consult clients individually to understand their specific requirements. Thus, we never try to fit a standard product to your special needs.


TNS Groups vision is to be the preferred shipping and logistics partner in the sea region.

To be a well-defined, global and value-driven Shipping and logistics business enterprise that consistently redefines and transcends service, solution and relationship benchmarks, by thinking and performing Beyond Dimensions.


Our hands-on top management drives the business effectively and efficiently so that our clients experience peace of mind, agility, and value for money.

Our DNA of Values: –

Excellence – We at TNS strives to maintain a high quality of the logistics services it provides to each and every one of its customers at any given time.

Innovation – Technology changes every day and TNS is well aware that it is the quality and innovative use of such technology that will provide its customers with the best logistics transportation services in India.

Respect – TNS has a deep amount of respect for its customers, its employees, and the laws by which its ventures are governed. Every transaction and interaction that TNS had is guided by professional courtesy and respect.

Trust – TNS has made great efforts to gain the trust of its clients, and TNS has worked (and will work) even harder to maintain that trust and goodwill.

Teamwork – TNS’s skilled team of professionals is responsible for its continuing success in the field of relocation services. And it is the quality of their teamwork that gets all the logistics services from TNS running smoothly.

Integrity – We always respect our client’s best interests and act with honesty and integrity in our personal and professional behavior. Trust and trustworthiness go hand in hand with how we conduct ourselves while we sustain a culture based on ethical conduct at all levels in our organization.